For Pet Owners

Maintain (or regain) mobility

Your pets are family, and rehabilitation can help them be active for years to come.

Most older pets can benefit from rehabilitation therapies that help improve mobility, maintain fitness, and preserve or increase strength.

Pets carrying extra weight can put increased strain on their joints. Rehabilitation techniques can help create a fitness plan that’s gentle and effective to help accomplish your pet’s weight goals.

About rehabilitation

Is rehabilitation right for my pet?

Rehabilitation services may be right for your pet if you have noticed:

  • A change in movement after an accident, injury, or surgery
  • Changes in activity due to aging
  • Limping
  • Refusing to jump or pausing when jumping off furniture or into/out of vehicles
  • Resisting being picked up or petted
  • Taking extra time to get up
    Unexplained weakness

Finding a Clinic

Choosing a veterinary practice

Not all clinics are able to provide rehabilitation services. Until recently, many pet owners had to travel long distances to find a rehabilitation specialist. Veterinary clinics that have completed the Vetoquinol Rehabilitation Business Solution (VeRBS) program have undergone training led by a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and can now offer rehabilitation therapies to your four-legged family members!

With VeRBS training, you can be confident clinics know the right technique to provide the best care for your pet!

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